3800 Record Book

Below are the overall record holders regardless of specifics about cams/power adders.
Links to more specific record details can be found at the bottom of the page

If you're looking for super specific detailed records then take a look at the facebook page for a full list of every record. All of the details here were pulled from that page.

NameHorsepowerTorquePower AdderHeadsCamshaftMisc. Details
Jim Tatsis1211 GTX50 turboMace aluminum“Solid Roller”4.2 liter stroker, E85, powerglide >40 psi
Matt Meekhof870 75mm turboZZP aluminum
John Poney665 26 psi
Paul Fullen637 6766 Precision turboZZP stage 4ST519 psi
Jeff Kuntz630612
Scott Cook619 PT70 turbo
Jeff Kalo615 T67 turbo
Kevin Coughlin608 T70 turbo E85
Supermonte591 T72 turboZZP Stage 4
Derek98gtp586 T76 turbo Mustang Dyno
Name1/4 Mile ET1/4 mile Trap speedPower AdderHeadsCamshaftMisc. Details

Overall Naturally Aspirated Records
Overall Supercharged Records (not blower specific)
Overall Turbocharged Records
Overall Nitrous Records

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