Factory PCM Tuning

HPTuners and Digital Horsepower and the main programs and interfaces that can be used to tune the factory PCM


Digital Horsepower

Here are some of the pros and cons to each:

HPTuners Digital Horsepower
cost to tune 1 pcm $400 - $700 ~$300
additional cost to tune another PCM $100 $0
ease of use Easiest to use A bit more difficult
support level supported by HPTuners themselves as well as their forums only community support
live scanning yes yes, but it's quite buggy. Need to use a community tool called UVScan
supports additional inputs for scans need pro version yes
in tool scan playback yes yes, but it's garbage. Need to use excel to read the data in a useful way
scanning possible without laptop with pro version no, need laptop connected
bluetooth support with pro version none
tuning capabilities can do most needed things can read and edit every known table with a community tool called tinytuner
ease of sharing can only share with other hptuners users. File formats are proprietary all files are .bin files or .csv files. Really easy to share and modify
bugs? Not really Yes

Tis2Web software https://tis2web.service.gm.com/tis2web

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