Welcome to the 3800 Wiki!

I've created this site to be a gathering of tons of information from across a lot of the 3800 forums. This whole entire website was created to collect and document any information about the 3800 that is possible. As far as I know, this is the first wiki site dedicated completely to one engine.

Hopefully this will become a single place where information can easily be located in the future. There are no ads or sponsors here, it's just practical knowledge that's been collected over the years.

There's a ton of information spread across tons of disappearing forums that needs to be scraped and saved.
Back in the early 2000's the internet exploded with tons of different 3800-focused forums. This resulted in a huge range of knowledge silos across different platforms and geo-locations.
There has also been a lot of information out there has not turned out to be as true as people once thought sadly. We are learning more and more all the time about what the limits are of these engines as well as the platforms they were contained in.

I'm creating this site to be a place where people can share the knowledge that they have and help make information about these motors easier to find. Information will no longer need to rely on external image hosting services, this site will be a self-sustained entity where images will never disappear unintentionally.

Who needs 100 different forum threads about the same topics anyway right?

This site is very new still so there is a lot to do still. If you're interested in helping out then feel free to create a user account and do that.

I have created a Trello board to track the progress of pages here, and also to give a general outline as to what is done and what is coming.
I may change things though so if there's demand for certain things let me know.


If there are certain things you're looking for or would like to see documented, or would like to help edit the site, please email me siteadmin@3800wiki.com. There is a lot left to do still.

Feel free to hit the search box and look for whatever you want!