Getrag 282/284

These transmissions are 5 speed transverse transmissions from Getrag that were optioned in a few front wheel drive cars and some v6 powered Fiero's. There were two different bellhousings on these transmissions though depending on which car they came in. Be sure to use the 60* bellhousing instead of the Ecotec bellhousing.

These transmissions are quite strong, however parts are becoming difficult to find for them. Some consider this transmission to be un-rebuildable due to the difficulty involved in changing internal parts.

These transmissions were not rated for much power from the factory, however there are some who have pushed around 600 ft-lbs of torque through them. There is some concern about the case breaking under higher power ranges though

Use this information at your own risk, this may be incomplete or lacking in some areas

The bellhousing will bolt up, but you will need a flywheel and a custom clutch to send power through it. Spec makes a conversion clutch for this transmission to work behind a 3800. You will also need to create a mount for the intermediate shaft to bolt up to the engine.

Other concerns would depend on the vehicle it is going into.