Getrag F23

The F23 is considered to be the successor to the Getrag 282 and 284. It is another 5 speed transmission from Getrag that was available in a few FWD GM delta platform cars.

Similar to the F40, this is a 3-axis design which differentiates it pretty heavily from the 282 and 284.

It is known to be quite strong based on a few posts across many forums, but evidence is a bit hard to find. It is rated for 170 ft-lb of torque, but like most Getrag transmissions it has been known to handle significantly more than this. Some have even claimed it is stronger than the F40 transmission.
In the ecotec world it has been able to hand 700 horsepower, but it should be noted that torque is what usually breaks drivetrain parts

Here's a pretty good guide for the w-body cars:

The F23 from the 00-02 j-body will bolt right up to the 3800 if came from a car with the older 2.2 non DOHC engine. The 8th digit of the VIN from the donor car should be 4

You will need to figure out how to build a transmission bracket for a w-body car.

You will need to machine your flywheel down to 0.840“ and use clutch for this transmission. You may also need to run a spacer for the hydraulic throwout bearing