A lot of this information can be found through vendors or through other parts websites. I have take the time to gather this information into one single spot though so you can search for these parts anywhere and possibly find some better deals than vendors are offering.

Rocker Arm Bolts
Comp Cams: CCA-1053B-12
ACDelco: 24503515

Cylinder Head Bolts
ARP Hex Head Studs: ARP 193-4001
ARP 12pt Head Studs: ARP 193-4002

Main Cap Bolts
ARP Hex Main Studs: ARP 193-5401
ARP 12pt Main Studs: ARP 193-5402

Connecting Rod Bolts
ARP: ARP 123-6002

Supercharger Oil
ACDelco: 10-4041

LS7 Lifters: ACDelco 17122490
Comp Cams: Comp Cams 850
ZZP: Appears to be a Comp Cams R lifter of some sort

Valve Springs
PAC 150lb: PAC 1409x
PAC 105lb: PAC-1215
90lb LS6: Chevrolet Performance 12625033
Comp Cams 105lb: 26915
Comp Cams 136lb: 7228

Valve Spring Retainers
Comp Cams: COMP-774

Valve Locks
Comp Cams: COMP-623

Timing Chains
Rollmaster double roller: CS6150

Woodruff Keys
Cam key: ACDelco 24500618
Crank Key: ACDelco 12563282

Electric Water Pump
Meziere 100 series: MEZ-WP140R

Flex Plate Bolts
ACDelco: 24501365

Torque Converter Bolts
ACDelco: 11588468

2 bar map sensor for l36
ACDelco: 12615136

Billet Fuel Rails
Aeromotive: 14131